Workplace Discrimination Training: Engaging Rights

Posted on 11 February 2013 |

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EEO Programs: The Ripple Effect

Why are Human Resources professionals so committed to providing staff and management discrimination training? The answer is simple; they know EEO programs have a ripple effect. It affects more than just recognizing and preventing discrimination. When staff and managers are trained to comply with the law, a culture of respect and inclusion naturally follows. That culture translates into an engaged and committed workforce.


Studies show the value of “engaged” employees. They:

• Bring enthusiasm to the job, which equals productivity

• Look for ways to solve, rather than create, problems

• Provide better customer care – boosting sales and customer loyalty

• Are reliable, long-term assets


This type of engaged employee is the result of an engaged employer, through initiatives such as discrimination training and EEO programs.


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Preventing Discrimination through Awareness of Affiliation

People want to work for companies that see them as individuals, as well as workers. They want to “like” what they do, and the people they “do” it for. An engaged employee works in a culture of mutual respect. The most basic: respect for their rights. And a rudimentary right is to work in an environment free from harassment or discrimination.



Recognizing and preventing discrimination in the workplace training modules from Workplace Answers send that clear message to your staff and managerial team:

• We respect your right to a discrimination-free workplace
• We work to recognize and prevent discrimination by providing the EEO programs you need, such as discrimination training

When you start with the basics, you build that team environment everyone wants to join. Workplace Answers discrimination training classes are smart and interactive: they show staff that you look for quality anti-discrimination classes that are interesting, informative and verifiable.


Show your employees you value their rights as well as their work product. Contact us today.


Download the free Whitepaper: Ten Steps to Prevent Employment-Based Lawsuits & EEO Claims