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Workplace Discrimination Leads to Workplace Harassment

Unlawful harassment in the workplace is a form of discrimination in the workplace. Often cases of workplace discrimination turn into workplace harassment, especially if the person has filed a discrimination claim against a manager.  

Organizations that offer a workplace discrimination prevention training program and support that training in word and action are less likely to have employees that are discriminated against. If an organization has less workplace discrimination, that organization will have less workplace harassment.

Some key components to look for when purchasing a workplace discrimination prevention training or harassment prevention training program are:


  • Interactive and engaging content, including real-life scenarios and an opportunity for employees to answer questions throughout the program.

  • The ability to add the organization’s logo and policy into the workplace discrimination prevention program for an added buy-in from employees. In addition, a message from an organization executive will make the training more personal to the employees.

  • An online format to allow employees to participate in the workplace discrimination prevention training when it is convenient for the organization. This will also allow the organization to offer the training at more regular intervals.

  • A section where the employee can note that they agree with and understand the concepts presented in the workplace discrimination prevention training program. This section should include an official form that can then be printed and filed in the employee’s file acknowledging in writing that he or she agrees with the workplace discrimination and harassment policies the organization supports.

In addition to the above necessary components, concepts that should be covered in a workplace discrimination prevention training program are laws such as Title VIII, the ADEA, the ADA and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. In addition, definitions of discrimination and harassment should be covered in depth.

Discrimination in the workplace leads to harassment in the workplace. To prevent workplace discrimination, ensure all employees in an organization participate in a frequent and thorough workplace discrimination prevention training program.


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