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We partner with leading Subject Matter Experts in HR Law to produce educational white papers for Human Resource and Management Professionals. Here is a list of all our currently available white papers, click the title to read more.

Ten Steps to Prevent Employment-Based Lawsuits & EEO Claims

Provide your organization with an affirmative defense against employment-based lawsuits & EEO claims by following ten easy steps. Download this free whitepaper to learn the ten practical things that HR professionals can apply to the workplace in order prevent  lawsuits and claims from happening in the first place. Download the free Whitepaper

Title IX: Defined, Refined and Intertwined

HR needs to stay ahead of this burgeoning legislation and maintain a safe, discrimination- and harassment-free environment for students, faculty, and staff. Download this free whitepaper to learn how Title IX is changing and what HR needs to do to ensure you school is compliant with Title IX. Download the free Whitepaper

Mandatory Reporting: The Fallout of Campus Abuse Scandals

State after state is expanding their rule for who is required to report suspected child abuse in response to the recent scandals on campuses around the nation. Download the free Whitepaper

Bullying on Campus: It is happening at your school

Apart from our moral and social responsibility, for educators, bullying simply cannot be tolerated. Your responsibility under Title IX is to provide an environment that is harassment-free and allows students to participate and benefit from your school's programs. Download the free Whitepaper

Seven Views of Social Networking in the Workplace

Social networking has the potential to put your organization at risk for harassment and discrimination claims or even lead to workplace violence. Download the free Whitepaper

Five HR Mistakes Not to Make in 2012

2011 was another record year for the EEOC and 2012 promises more of the same. HR must not only be aware of critical mistakes that the organization cannot afford to make, they must also ensure that all employees have a clear understanding as well. Download the free White Paper

Religion & Politics in the Workplace

Most employees know by now that discussing sex, and protected categories such as race or national origin, is inappropriate at work. However, when it comes to religion and politics, the line is not nearly as clear. Download the free White Paper

Attracting & Maintaining A Diverse Workforce

 The most successful organizations are able to attract and maintain the best talent by truly valuing diversity. Download This Free White Paper

The Mighty Job Description

The job description is the blueprint to every aspect of employment and maintaining a discrimination-free workplace. Download This Free White Paper

Performance Evaluations: More Important than Ever in 2011

Performance evaluations are one of the most powerful weapons HR can use to demonstrate that the organization had legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for termination or other adverse action against an employee or unsuccessful job applicant. Download This Free White Paper

7 Key HR Updates for 2011

It can be difficult to keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations in the Human Resources field. This year we have picked out seven hot topics we think you should keep an eye on in 2011. Download This Free White Paper

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