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Join us each quarter for an informative webinar presented by one of our renowned subject matter experts in the areas of Human Resource Law and Employee Training.


View recordings of these past webinars:

Implementing the Campus SaVE Act: Targeting Sexual Violence

Understand your new obligations under the 250+ page SaVE Act through this one-hour webinar with Presenter S. Daniel Carter, Director of 32 National Campus Safety Index, who worked to develop and secure passage of the Campus Sexual Assault Victims' Bill of Rights and The Clery Act. 

Safety Training for 2013

Join Workplace Answers for a 30-minute overview of the most important things you need to know to make your workplace a safe one in 2013. We'll be covering the Four Major Changes to OSHA's new Hazard Communication Standard and the impact this will have on Employers.

3 Must-Have Training Courses for 2013

In What three training courses are "must'haves for all employers in 2013? Will your organization suffer devasting employee-related liability this year or be able to assert an affirmative defense against employee claims and lawsuits?

Tis the Season for Harassment

In this season of holiday parties and annual traditions, it is as important as ever that HR professionals and all levels of employees to respect each other's varying traditions, understand company behavioral expectations and foster an inclusive environment for all beliefs.

Title IX: 2 Part Webinar Series 

These two Lunch-and-Learn webinars, "Title IX General Best Practices" and "Title IX in Athletics," give 30 tips in 30 minutes to help you ensure your programs are compliant with Title IX mandates and OCR's "Dear Colleagues Letter."

10 Steps to Prevent Employment Lawsuits

This informative, fast-paced 60-minute webinar will provide essential best practices to prevent employment based lawsuits and EEOC Claims.

The 5 Must Have HR Policies

Social and legal changes, the prevalence of social media and Internet, data breaches, new retaliation laws and wage & hour laws means HR needs fresh thinking with respect to corporate policies. Learn the 5 policies that every organization must have to protect themselves from employment related lawsuits.  

Compliance Training Best Practices

Compliance Training best practices to prevent EEO claims & protect your organization from lawsuits.

Workplace Retaliation: Are You Exposed?

Retaliation claims have doubled in the last ten years and the average settlement of an EEOC claim was almost $500,000.00 in 2011. 

Prevent Bullying at Work and on Campus

Recent bullying case studies as well as practical ways to reduce bullying at work and on campus.

HR Legal Updates: Critical Harassment & Discrimination Cases

Staying informed on the cutting-edge cases being issued in the areas of sexual harassment and discrimination is crucial for HR professionals looking to protect their organization from similar claims. This webinar will provide attendees with information regarding the latest, most influential unlawful harassment and discrimination cases.

The Americans with Disabilities Act - Hidden Dangers Everywhere

Disability discrimination -- in hiring, pay, promotions, discipline, termination and layoffs have left many employers with expensive and challenging disability-related claims and lawsuits.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Strategies for 2012

Discrimination complaints rose to an all-time high last year, learn the strategies needed to prevent EEOC claims and protect your organization from lawsuits.

Defending Budgets: 4 Types of Training Never to Cut from HR's Budget

Learn how to make a compelling case for employee training that is ROI-based to position it as a requirement, not an option.

Is Your Organization's Code of Conduct Ready for 2012?

Is your Code of Conduct ready to roll in 2012?

Tis the Season for Harassment - Holiday Traditions and the HR Issues they Create

Celebrations of various holidays can also create practical and legal issues that must be carefully managed by the employer.

Attracting & Maintaining a Diverse Workforce!

Practical ways in which workplaces can embrace and actively promote diversity to attract top talent, utilize the strength of varied backgrounds and improve your organization's bottom line.

Diversity: Getting Beyond Politically Correct

HR professionals now must be able to develop and manage a diverse workforce for their organization to attract the best talent and retain their best customers. Learn the strategies necessary to create a successful diversity program.

The Multigenerational Workforce - Age Discrimination Dangers

As we enter another potential economic downturn, employers are again facing legal liabilities regarding layoffs and reductions in force. Age discrimination claims continue to proliferate, and more and more organizations are being hit with class action age discrimination claims that are costly and difficult to defend.

The Second Generation of Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination

Welcome to Unlawful Harassment & Discrimination in 2011 - a new, unprecedented era of liability with ever expanding laws and regulations for employers. The stakes, to HR Professionals, and their organizations, have never been higher.

Social Media in the Workplace – Huge Benefits, Serious Detriments

Dangers of the inappropriate use of social media by employees are no longer confined to unlawful harassment or discrimination claims.

Implicit Bias in the Workplace – Hidden Dangers and Liabilities

In 2010, the EEOC reported receiving the highest number of discrimination charges since the Agency's founding in 1965. "Implicit bias" – biases that supervisors don't even know they hold – is a major cause of many discrimination claims and lawsuits.

The Wal-Mart Class Action Case & the Future of Discrimination

Join us this month on 4/21/11 at 1 PM Eastern Time as we discuss the recent Wal-Mart discrimination case being heard by the United States Supreme Court that highlights the need for diversity and harassment prevention training.  

Workplace Retaliation Expands: The Supreme Court Speaks

Retaliation claims are the #1 charge filed with the EEOC and they have doubled in the last ten years. The reasons should scare employers: retaliation claims are relatively easy to make – and prove – because the employee never has to show they suffered any harassment or discrimination.

Workplace Bullying - The Next Big Compliance Headache

In this webinar, subject matter expert Lynn Lieber Esq. discussed the cost of bullying in the workplace and described the steps an organization should take if bullying does occur. It also covered how Human Resources can train workers to recognize and report bullying before it turns into illegal workplace harassment.

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