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Stay On Track With Wage and Hour Regulations

Training To Help Managers and Supervisors Understand Complex Compensation Regulations

According to the Department of Labor, wage and hour violations are the most common reason businesses face regulatory fines and penalties. In fact, one study showed that over 80% of investigated businesses had at last one wage and hour violation in 2013. Your managers and supervisors need to understand local, state, industry and federal wage and hour regulations to protect your company. But providing accessible, up-to-date training for eery manager and supervisor can feel like an impossible task, especially if your company has multiple locations or high turnover.

We have the solution 

Our Wage and Hour modules provide you with courses on the most common retail wage and hour training needs, combined into one always-available, online training library. Training can be accessed wherever you need it, from corporate headquarters to branch store and franchise locations. And because it's online, there are no scheduling conflicts. You decide when and where to train. Train one manager at a time, or everyone at a location. The choice is yours. 

Our Wage and Hour Program includes:
  • Understanding Hourly vs Salaried Compensation
  • Keeping Accurate Employee Time Records
  • Contractors vs Employees
  • Vacation and Sick Leave Pay Policies
  • Federal and State Wage and Hour Conflicts
  • Protected Absences and Leave (FMLA and ADA)
  • Unions Role in Wage and Hour Policies

Our unique program allows for multiple points of access, from in-store kiosks and iPads to on-site or at personal computers. Add additional modules such as Employee Safety Training, Workplace Ethics, or Workplace Discrimination to create a personalized training program to match your store's unique needs. Our built-in Learning Management System even allows you to track third party training alongside your WPA Retail Management Training Program.

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Workplace Answers provides industry-specific compliance solutions for enterprise, higher education, and government organizations.  Human resources leaders and risk mitigation teams trust our award-winning training content, services, and software to develop more engaged workforces and minimize exposure from complex legal requirements. For more than 20 years, Workplace Answers has worked with over 10 million users and thousands of organizations, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, Coach, Whole Foods, American Express, City of San Francisco, Human Rights Campaign and NTT America.


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