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Sexual Harassment Training Online

Advantages of Sexual Harassment Training Online

As more jobs require internet usage, many organizations choose to offer sexual harassment training online. There are many advantages to using this methodology, including:

  • The ability to offer standardized sexual harassment training, ensuring each employee in a specific employment category is trained exactly the same
  • The ability to control when and where employees are offered sexual harassment training, without having to coordinate a group session.
  • Removing bias a training coordinator or manager may present while conducting an in-person training session.

Benefits of Online Training

Sexual harassment training online can also be personalized, allowing each organization to share its own sexual harassment policy and human resources contact information. In addition, a welcome message from the organization's executives and company logos can also be incorporated when providing sexual harassment training online.


Allowing employees to engage in sexual harassment training online makes it easier to track who has taken the harassment training and when. This allows human resources managers to manage both internal and external compliance requirements in a more efficient manner. Sexual harassment training online also provides for a more official record of training if an organization or department were to be audited or subpoenaed. Because of all of these reasons, sexual harassment training online is now a staple in most organizations.


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