Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training & Prevention

Sexual Harassment Prevention Starts with a Change of BehaviorAlthough some workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear innocent on the surface can...

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Training your Supervisors is a Key Step in Supporting Your Sexual Harassment Prevention StrategyIf you’re serious about sexual harassment prevention, you have to work hard to change...

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Sexual Harassment Training is Mandatory in CaliforniaAB1825, AB2053California is one of the three states that set a standard for the rest of the country when it...

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*Maine: The Leader in Sexual Harassment Prevention *Maine is the forerunner in sexual harassment prevention[] initiatives, as it was the first state to mandate workplace sexual harassment...

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in ConnecticutConnecticut was the second state to require workplace measures in preventing sexual harassment. The Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Act *mandates* that all employers,...

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Sexual Harassment Training Builds a Better Workplace

One of the most common employee complaints, sexual harassment is problematic for supervisors and managers, and a liability for the business. Our online sexual harassment training courses foster a safe and productive work environment by training employees on what is considered sexual harassment, prevention training, and what to do if they see or experience sexual harassment. Training on how to report harassment is part of the program, so your organization is protected in the event of a claim. Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace will save time and money, protect employees and build company morale. 

There are several versions of the sexual harassment training course, tailored to specific audiences and state compliance requirements. Our basic Preventing Sexual Harassment courses train employees and supervisors about sexual harassment in the workplace. We offer versions compliant with California AB 1825 and AB 2053, Maine, and Connecticut requirements. The Sexual Harassment Training for Global Employers is perfect for large organizations with international offices, and there is a special version for Higher Education, Campus Sexual Harassment Prevention.

Sexual Harassment Training for All Employees

Suitable for all employees and managers, this course introduces learners to sexual harassment prevention law, how to identify and stop sexual harassment in the workplace, and outlines employee personal liability under the law.

Sexual Harassment Training Protected Categories Supervisor Supplement

Refresher supplement to Sexual Harassment Prevention training for supervisors, this course provides additional practice with all the protected categories.

Sexual Harassment Training for California Supervisors (AB1825 and AB2053 Training)

This two-hour sexual harassment prevention course meets CA training requirements. Four sections cover Harassment Law, Employer and Supervisor Responsibility, Complaints, Confidentiality and Retaliation, as well as Intersectional Harassment and Advanced Situations.

Sexual Harassment Training for Connecticut Employers

A two-hour course that instructs Connecticut supervisory learners on sexual harassment in the workplace as defined in part by Connecticut General Statute Section 46a-54-204.

Sexual Harassment Training for Maine Employers

The Maine Sexual Harassment Prevention course is designed for all employees and supervisors and is fully compliant with Maine’s Revised Statute, Title 26, Section 807, which requires sexual harassment training for all employees.

We also offer discrimination training and harassment training courses that provide organizations with additional protection by educating employees and supervisors on how to recognize and prevent unlawful harassment and prevention.

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