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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Ensuring each employee is trained on the specifics of what is and is not sexual harassment is the first step in sexual harassment prevention. Many employers incorrectly assume their employees are aware of what actions would and would not be considered sexual harassment. Accurate sexual harassment prevention awareness only comes through deliberate actions on the part of the employer, often in the form of sexual harassment prevention training.



Sexual harassment prevention in the workplace begins with a thorough training program. Online sexual harassment prevention training programs are preferable, as these programs will allow for the same exact material to be presented to each employee, without any bias in-person training sessions may allow for. The sexual harassment prevention training program should be updated often as new laws are passed on this topic often. Employees should be trained with this program at least twice a year.



In addition to training employees on sexual harassment prevention, the organization must keep sexual harassment awareness as a top priority. Discussing this topic at staff meetings, in organizational memos and even in one-on-one performance evaluations is necessary to keep employees informed. Organizations that make an effort to train employees on sexual harassment prevention, thoroughly and often, are more likely to have a sexual harassment free workplace.


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