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Technology Compliance Training

Tailor-made Training for Technology Companies

Workplace Answers compliance experts have each logged in over 10 years working as in-house counsel at Fortune 200 companies after working for several years in large law firm or regulatory settings. In other words, we have often been in our clients’ positions – for most of the Senior Executives, specifically in hi-tech international companies. This in-house experience translates into superior thought leadership.

For example, we have teamed with a client from Silicon Valley to build a course on Social Media in the Workplace.  Why?  It is a topic that is impacting companies on several fronts (e.g., employment law, harassment prevention, consumer protection, and IP).

Here are some of the courses technology companies like yours rely on us to provide:

Verifiable Results

Workplace Answers’ Technology training is as verifiable as it is comprehensive. Our interactive modules assure that your employees comprehend the material as it's presented, while a post-course test confirms that they've retained the information. Our tracking and reporting assures administrators can easily manage training initiatives. You’ll know who’s completed their training, who hasn’t, and when re-training is required.

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