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Universities are more than workplaces. They’re more than schools. They’re melting pots of divergent cultures that incorporate education, housing, health care, social opportunities, and more. The challenges that educators face to manage a work and home environment for such a diverse constituency is unique among industries.  

As legislation continues to evolve, universities must keep ahead of the need to protect, inform, and serve their community.  With a range of laws that regulate campus life almost as divergent as the consumers they serve, it’s up to educators to address the needs of all: from diversity and harassment training, Title IX, FERPA, violence against women, child abuse prevention and reporting, and so much more. Higher education administrators are tasked with finding comprehensive training modules that not only address the issues, but are specifically tailored to your audience.  The assortment of risk for universities is extensive: your training partner must be able to meet the challenges you face. 

Education Specific Training

Workplace Answers is your single source to address all your training and prevention needs: a one-stop shop to assure you’re in compliance with all the necessary regulations, as well as provide prevention and awareness training that reduces the chance of incidents and helps minimize risk and exposure.

Workplace Answers is a proven leader in campus compliance. Our higher education training modules are tailor-made for universities. With real life university scenarios, campus-centric language, and a range of modules that cover every aspect of current and even pending regulatory requirements, you can be assured that your institution is on the frontline of training and prevention initiatives.

Workplace Answers’ Campus Compliance Suite of online classes is as extensive as the challenges you face. Our engaging coursework is geared specifically to meet the needs of educators. Workplace Answers’ Education Training modules are personalized for your university, are filled with real-life situations that help participants apply knowledge immediately. Our modules are geared toward every level of learner, from students to PhDs.

Verifiable Results

Workplace Answers’ Campus Compliance training is as verifiable as it is comprehensive. Our interactive training modules assure that your staff comprehend the material presented throughout the lesson and with a course post-test. Our tracking and reporting assures administrators can easily manage training initiatives. You’ll know who’s completed their training, who hasn’t, and when re-training is required. To protect your institution, Workplace Answers’ training is proven to provide an affirmative legal defense that withstands courtroom scrutiny.

Contact us to find how Workplace Answers can help your institution meet their training challenges today. 



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