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7 Views of Social Networking in the Workplace

Jul 29, 2014

Social media has the potential to put your organization at risk for harassment and discrimination claims. It could even lead to workplace violence. Social network growth is explosive and encroaching on the workplace, but legislation and guidelines just haven’t kept pace.

You need to know your rights and limitations as an employer, and how to manage this evolving media to maintain a harassment-free workplace.

This whitepaper looks at social media usage and strategies from seven points of view that HR professionals often face, including:

  • The Candidate: What is appropriate to post online
  • The Recruiter: Social info that can be used in hiring decisions
  • The Bad Boss: Dealing with negative employee comments
  • The Employee: What is appropriate to post online
  • The Law Maker: Recent laws relating to social networking
  • The Policy Writer: Guidelines to create a social networking policy
  • The Mediator: How to handle inappropriate social networking comments

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