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EEO Laws

Five HR Mistakes to Avoid

Jul 29, 2014

Nearly 10,000 charges are filed each year by the EEOC resulting in over $365 million recovered for charging parties. Now is the time to assess common mistakes that pose a risk, and emphasize actions that pay a return.

As protected categories are added and court cases expand retaliation protection, these record setting EEOC trends are expected to continue. HR must not only be aware of critical mistakes that the organization cannot afford to make, they must also ensure that all employees have a clear understanding of policy and procedures as well. Unlawful Harassment Prevention and Discrimination Prevention training should be the backbone of an organizational training program.

This whitepaper discusses the five areas that HR should review to prevent EEOC claims and improve organizational performance.

  • Confidentiality

  • Employee Relations

  • Documentation

  • Compliance

  • General Best Practices

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