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Title IX: Defined, Refined, and Intertwined

Jul 29, 2014

New Interpretations & Revisions Expanding Title IX's Reach

Revisions and clarifications to Title IX have expanded its range well beyond the area of athletics. In addition to students being able to file a claim against their school for discrimination in educational and extra-curricular activities, they are now able to complain against each other, teachers, or third parties for harassment. 

It often falls to HR to stay ahead of Title IX Awareness and Violence Prevention to maintain a safe, discrimination- and harassment-free environment for students, faculty, and staff. Download this free whitepaper to learn how Title IX is changing and what HR needs to do to ensure you school is compliant with Title IX.

-  Timeline of Title IX legal Updates

-  Enacting required Title IX procedures and policies

-  Training staff on Title IX Mandates

-  Title IX Compliant Resolution

Our Title IX Awareness Training will help your faculty and staff better understand the issue, what is required, and how to be in compliance both legally and morally. Information and training is the only way to assure protection of the student’s interest as well as your institution. Take the steps to create a responsive, respectful campus. Look to Workplace Answers  for all your training needs, on Title IX and beyond.


Click here to visit the Campus Answers website and download this whitepaper.

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