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Third Party Corruption Red Flags | Whitepaper

Sep 28, 2017

Red Flags: A Guide for Identifying and Preventing Third-Party Corruption

When it comes to bribery and corruption, regulatory agencies, like the SEC and DOJ, are increasingly focusing on third parties--and with good reason. The majority of foreign bribery cases involve payments through third parties.

Despite the elevated risks accompanying third parties, many companies have difficulties when it comes to due diligence and ongoing monitoring. But there are steps you can take to better manage third parties.

This whitepaper reviews best practices for identifying and responding to potential third-party corruption red flags. You'll learn:

  • How third parties can put your organization at risk 
  • What the DOJ and SEC recommend when conducting due diligence 
  • Which behaviors to look for that indicate the potential for corruption
  • Tips for reducing your organization's risk

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