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Do You Need Ethics & Compliance Training?

Nov 20, 2015

Why the better question is: “How much training do you need?” - Farzad Barkhordari

do you need ethics training

Many companies approach compliance from the wrong angle; focusing on the policies and systems instead of making sure employees understand how those policies and systems are supposed to work to prevent compliance breeches.

In this whitepaper, corporate compliance expert, Farzad Barkhordari examines what’s gone wrong in the past, and describes how companies can make improvements in their training to reduce those compliance risks.

Topics include:

  • The consequences of compliance breaches
  • Where compliance regulations apply
  • Who needs compliance training
  • Why e-learning is the future of compliance training
  • What to look for in a training vendor


About Farzad Barkhordari

Farzad Barkhordari is the President of Workplace Answers and an attorney specializing in global anti-corruption. He founded Click 4 Compliance, an online training company with courses covering topics such as anti-corruption, bribery and business ethics, which was acquired by Workplace Answers in 2015.

Before founding Click 4 Compliance, Farzad spent over nine years in the Legal Department of Sun Microsystems in California, Washington, D.C., and Geneva, Switzerland, where he was Global Lead for all anti-corruption issues and provided legal advice in a variety of other areas. He has advised clients on complex compliance issues, conducted internal investigations and has extensive experience in emerging markets, including China, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.





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