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Workplace Diversity

Demystifying Diversity and Inclusion | Whitepaper

Jul 20, 2017

Demystifying Diversity and Inclusion for Effectiveness

Now, more than ever, companies are increasing their diversity and inclusion efforts. But, report after report shows that the numbers aren’t changing. What’s going wrong?Demystifying Diversity Thumbnail

Perhaps it’s time to declare that traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion aren’t working and that companies need a new approach.

In this whitepaper, EVERFI legal expert Douglas Kelly reviews four commonly held myths about diversity and explains how companies can shift their efforts for a more effective outcome by focusing on:

  • The differences between diversity and inclusion
  • How diversity and discrimination are connected
  • The social case for diversity rather than the business case
  • Strategies beyond numbers for measuring inclusion efforts
  • Using training to promote diversity and inclusion

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