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Global Corruption Scandals and Non-Compliance | Whitepaper

Aug 30, 2016

Global Corruption Scandals: What Petrobras and the Panama Papers Can Teach Us About the Cost of Non-Compliance

global corruption whitepaper coverIn the past year, two major corruption scandals have erupted with a massive global impact. And while they may seem unrelated to your ethics and compliance program, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In this whitepaper, Rod Steedman, former VP of Acquisition Integration at Sun Microsystems, examines two recent developments in anti-corruption enforcement and argues why every company should educate its workforce on how to act ethically.

  • An overview of the Petobras "Car Wash" Scandal developments
  • The impact of the Panama Papers on anti-corruption enforcement
  • The importance of an effective ethics and compliance program
  • Lessons and practical strategies organizations can implement

Download our whitepaper to learn more about how to protect your organization from corruption.

About Rod Steedman

Rod Steedman accumulated over twenty-five years of international legal experience. He worked in the energy sector for Total S.A. and Schlumberger Ltd. and in the high-tech industry for Sun Microsystems, Inc., where he held executive legal and management positions.

Most recently, he has focused on the development of on-line corporate compliance training courses. He is passionate about making compliance e-learning concise, relevant and engaging for company employees, wherever they are located. 

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