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Online Compliance Training: Making the Right Choice

Mar 31, 2017

How to Find the Right Compliance Training for Your Organization

Online Compliance training Thumbnail2Should your compliance training be in-person or online? While there's no easy answer to that question, there are certainly many benefits of online training that sometimes get overlooked. To help explain these benefits, we've asked Michael Volkov, compliance expert and author of the popular FCPA blog: Corruption, Crime & Compliance, for help.

In this whitepaper, Michael reviews the major advantages to online training and offers insights into what companies should look for in a training partner, including:

  • How to keep your message consistent across borders
  • Strategies for making recordkeeping simple
  • Ways to engage participant and collect information
  • Why it's important to select the right tone
  • Effective methods for training your third parties

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About Michael Volkov

Michael Volkov, Principal at The Volkov Law Group, has over 30 years of experience practicing law.

A former federal prosecutor and veteran white-collar defense attorney, Michael is an expert in compliance, internal investigations and enforcement matters. Michael was a federal prosecutor for over 25 years, and has extensive trial experience in federal court. He also served as chief crime and terrorism counsel for the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

Michael maintains a highly popular FCPA blog – Corruption, Crime & Compliance. He is a regular speaker at events around the globe, and is frequently cited in the media for his knowledge on criminal issues, enforcement matters, compliance and corporate governance. 

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