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Workplace Bullying

Bullying on Campus: It is Happening at Your School

Jul 29, 2014

Bullying has also made its way to higher learning, and educators are struggling to deal with it.  Litigators are now using Title IX (enacted in 1972) to hold schools accountable for providing a harassment free environment.

The headlines may frighten, but they’re supported by statistics. Bullying on campus is rising - some say hitting epidemic proportions. A recent study at Indiana State University shows:

  • 15% of college students report being bullied
  • 25% of college students report being cyberbullied
  • 42% report having seen another student being bullied

Multiply these numbers by the amount of students on your campus, and the result can be staggering. This whitepaper looks at the types and effects of bullying as well as ways to prevent and stop bullying on campus.




Click here to visit the Campus Answers website and download this whitepaper.

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