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Building a Corporate Compliance Training Program | Whitepaper

Jun 01, 2017

8 Steps for Building an Effective Corporate Compliance Training Program

8 Steps whitepaper ThumbnailAre ready to tackle building (or improving) your organization's compliance training program?

In this whitepaper, Michael Volkov, Principal at The Volkov Law Group reviews eight steps he recommends for developing your program, including:

  1. Setting Your Expectations
  2. Using Your Risk Assessment 
  3. Identifying Gatekeepers and High-Risk Employees
  4. Training Your Senior Executives and Board Members
  5. Communicating with Third Parties
  6. Remediating Misconduct
  7. Watching Out For Overtraining
  8. Documenting Your Design

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About Michael Volkov

Michael Volkov, Principal at The Volkov Law Group, has over 30 years of experience practicing law.

A former federal prosecutor and veteran white-collar defense attorney, Michael is an expert in compliance, internal investigations and enforcement matters. Michael was a federal prosecutor for over 25 years, and has extensive trial experience in federal court. He also served as chief crime and terrorism counsel for the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

Michael maintains a highly popular FCPA blog – Corruption, Crime & Compliance. He is a regular speaker at events around the globe, and is frequently cited in the media for his knowledge on criminal issues, enforcement matters, compliance and corporate governance. 

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