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How to Include Transgender Employees in the Workplace | Webinar

Jul 07, 2016

transgender webinar recording

Beyond Bathrooms: Strategies for Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

Stories about transgender bathroom laws are dominating the headlines. And they continue to develop every day, making it tough for organizations to keep pace with regulations.

In this complimentary webinar, Sondra Solovay, Esq., Vice President of Content at Workplace Answers and Campus Answers, discusses the latest strategies for anti-discrimination training and inclusion of transgender employees in your workplace and on campus.

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Topics Covered in the Webinar

  • How transgender concerns have evolved from a diversity and inclusion issue to a compliance issue.
  • A closer look at the terminology describing gender identity and transgender individuals.  
  • Ways discrimination can manifest and who is at risk.
  • Strategies for how you can practice transgender inclusion in your workplace.

As federal laws afford transgender employees more protections from harassment and discrimination in the workplace, many companies are reassessing their anti-harassment policies and training. Is your organization compliant?


Sondra Solovay

Sondra has been teaching, training and consulting on diversity and discrimination issues for almost 20 years. She leverages her expertise to provide legal guidance and subject matter expertise to all team functions at Workplace Answers.

Sondra authored, “Tipping the Scales of Justice,” the first book that was published exclusively on the topic of weight discrimination and the law. She is also co-editor of the award-winning anthology, “The Fat Studies Reader.” Sondra has been honored with several awards for her legal work and has been profiled by San Francisco Attorney Magazine.

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