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Harassment & Discrimination

HR Compliance Webinars

Jun 02, 2014

Whether you’re new to Human Resources or a seasoned professional, our authoritative webinars are designed to help you understand the current laws and regulations safeguarding our nation’s workforce. Sit back and watch as renowned human resources experts guide you through a variety of business policies and teach you how to recognize and handle serious workplace issues like violence, discrimination, and bullying.


The Americans with Disabilities Act – Hidden Dangers Everywhere

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA/ADAA) is a multi-faceted and ever-changing law that was created to protect disabled employees and job applicants from unlawful discrimination. In this webinar, workplace attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Lynn D. Lieber, Esq., provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand overview of critical ADA guidelines. Here, she defines disability, explains ADA requirements, and answers some of most pressing questions surrounding this topic. Learn how to avoid job discrimination and costly lawsuits by making sure your company is in strict compliance with ADA laws.

Workplace Bullying & Violence: Information HR Needs to Know

Over the last decade, workplace bullying has been on the rise, and it can affect anyone, from employees to students to CEOs. Unfortunately, many companies don’t fully understand what constitutes as bullying at work, nor do they have the appropriate anti-bullying and harassment policies in place to protect their employees and their businesses. In this webinar, employment law veteran, Lynn D. Lieber, Esq., defines bullying in the workplace, shares real-life victims’ stories, and demonstrates why all employers should enact their own zero tolerance policies.

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