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5 Must Have Training Courses for 2014

Oct 22, 2014

Presenter: Lynn D. Lieber, Esq.

Help your organization avoid devastating employee-related liability this year and be able to assert an affirmative defense against employee claims and lawsuits.

Fill out the form on the right and enjoy this on-demand, 1-hour webinar discussing the 5 Must-Have Training Courses for 2014, brought to you by Workplace Answers. 

Get the inside information on Human Resources

This 60-minute webinar will provide you with critical information on why all employers need these 5 training courses in 2014:

      • Unlawful Harassment Prevention
      • Social Media & Blogging in the Workplace
      • Discrimination/EEO
      • Confidentiality & Trade Secrets
      • Wage & Hour



Presenter Lynn D. Lieber, Esq. has been practicing employment law exclusively on the management side for nearly 25 years. She began her legal career in San Francisco at Littler, the renown leader in the field of employment law. She later moved to Fisher & Phillips LLP, where she became an equity partner in 1995. 

Lynn is now an employment lawyer & legal advisor to Workplace Answers, a full-service employment law training company that specializes in web-based and in-person training solutions.  She is also the Principal Attorney in LieberLawyers, a full-service law firm specializing in all forms of employment-law related training – both in-person and by webinar.

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