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Workplace Bullying

New Training Now Available: Preventing Violence in the Workplace

Oct 09, 2012

Though everyone would like to think their workplace is safe, any workplace has the potential to be the site of violence. OSHA statistics show that an average of 10 workplace homicides are committed each week. Acts of workplace violence, like the shootings in Omaha and the recent massacre at Hartford Distributors in Connecticut, are tragic events that may have been able to be prevented.

Many employees believe there is nothing they can do to prevent workplace violence, but this isn't the case. In fact, often peers notice troubling behavior from co-workers that managers or supervisors aren't aware of. Following the tips below can go a long way toward making the workplace a safer environment:

  • Be aware of surroundings at all times
  • Report any suspicious behavior to a manager or a building security officer immediately
  • Seek out in-depth workplace violence prevention training for all employees
  • Be familiar with people coming and going, and report anyone who doesn't seem to belong
  • Be kind and avoid teasing other co-workers

Learn more about teaching employees how to identify and report suspicious behavior, before it's too late.

Listen to that “Gut Feeling”

Feeling like something isn't right with a co-worker, but can’t pinpoint exactly what? If you suspect a co-worker is at a high risk for dangerous behavior, your best course of action is to report what you are thinking to an appropriate person, such as a Human Resources Manager, security officer or supervisor. Even if you don't have concrete evidence supporting your claim, articulate what you are feeling and let a third party help you sort your thoughts out. It could be the co-worker in question is a real threat, or, it could be that person just has an unusual way of doing things. Either way, you shouldn't keep this information to yourself. Learn more about how to stay alert; stay aware; and stay safe!

Keep an Eye Out for Red Flag Behaviors at Your Workplace:

  • Isolation Hopelessness/talk of suicide
  • Numerous conflicts with co-workers, clients or supervisors
  • Paranoia
  • Substance abuse
  • Talking about violent material or excessive talk about weapons use

ALL employees must remain vigilant to prevent violence in their workplace, training is the tool to motivate that behavior.

Request a demo of our Preventing Violence in the Workplace training for your employees.

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