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Workplace Bullying

New Course Release: “Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention”

Jan 21, 2013

Workplace Answers’ Newest Course Helps Employers Prevent Bullying

Austin, Texas – Workplace bullying is an eminent nationwide issue that affects an estimated 53.5 million Americans. Legal measures to prevent bullying in the workplace have been legislated, and will result in costly consequences for employers who fail to enact proper violence and bullying prevention programs. Workplace Answers’ ( latest release is a revamped Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention Course that provides an affirmative defense against workplace bullying.


The new course enhances Workplace Answers’ premier harassment training by defining workplace bullying and violence, and discussing preventive measures for both employees and employers. The innovative course features the best interactive attributes in the industry and an appealing design to encourage learner engagement and retention, in the overall effort to prevent bullying.


Workplace Bullying and Violence Prevention” is a great attribute to all bullying prevention programs, and appropriate for all employees working in any type of workplace. The course teaches the major concepts of recognizing and preventing bullying and violence, prepares employees to spot warning signs, and explains that rejection is often an impetus for violence.


“Bullying is not a legitimate management style, an effective motivational technique or an appropriate way to treat colleagues. Workplace bullying can involve sabotage of work products, accusing someone of nonexistent error, harsh criticism or using hostile nonverbal cues, such as glaring. Bullies can be colleagues, supervisors or third parties like vendors” – Sondra Solovay, Esq.


The sleek new course trains employees to prevent workplace violence before it occurs by giving practical tips for prevention. The subject matter recognizes the importance of reporting potentially aggressive or violent situations in the effort to prevent bullying. The course also provides a clear explanation of how to intervene to de-escalate a tense situation, with an emphasis on personal safety and awareness.


The new course also works well with bullying prevention programs, because it:

• Defines key words such as Inappropriate Workplace Aggression, Bullying, Unlawful Harassment and Zero-Tolerance.

• Introduces Mobbing and social bullying.

• Debunks common perception that employees can “just snap”.

• Differentiates workplace aggression, bullying and workplace violence.

• Lists triggering events.


“Workplace Bullying and Prevention” is designed to work with Workplace Answers’ best-in-class harassment training to promote a safe work environment, and provide and affirmative defense against lawsuits. Unlawful harassment and bullying often intertwine; therefore, the courses work together to ensure harassment prevention and to prevent bullying.


Realistic scenarios and real-life situations are exemplified throughout the course so that all employees and employers may know exactly what to do in crisis, such as when a gunman enters the workplace. The storylines and scenarios help reinforce learning points to prevent bullying in full. The non-flash photo course takes about 45 minutes to finish and includes upgraded questions to encourage critical thinking from learners.



Located in Austin, Texas, Workplace Answers (WPA) is the premier provider of e-learning human recourses training in the US. WPA has created interactive online training resources that are simple to use, easily deployed and highly effective in educating an organization’s workforce in areas such as bullying prevention programs, harassment training, and many other imperative compliance training programs. WPA is the only compliance e-learning company to be featured on INC 500|5000’s list of fastest growing companies in 2010, 2011 and 2012.


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