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Workplace Answers Refines its Family and Medical Leave Act Course

Dec 20, 2012

WPA's Newest Course Helps Supervisors Understand FMLA Requirements

Austin, Texas – Workplace Answers’ ( latest release is a refined Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) course The FMLA training course enhances Workplace Answers best in class discrimination training by teaching supervisors up-to-date legal requirements to ensure organizations comply with FMLA. This new course features a sleek design and cutting edge interactive features to engage learners and improve information retention.


The Family and Medical Leave Act, created in 1993 and updated in 2009, is a complex law with many consequences if not applied correctly. It only takes one mistake from an untrained supervisor to result in serious legal liability for an entire organization. An employer best practice for discrimination prevention is to properly train all supervisors on FMLA requirements.


The new FMLA training course teaches supervisors the major concepts of administering FMLA compliant leave by fully explaining eligibility. The four mandatory FMLA- related notices to employees are described in detail to provide supervisor’s with working knowledge of specifications.


Additionally, the course supports discrimination prevention by describing interaction between other laws and FMLA. WPA’s new FMLA course works along with discrimination training and other compliance training to ensure an affirmative defense against legal liability.


The new FMLA course guides learners through the sensitive process of requiring certification while giving invaluable instruction on how to distinguish leave as FMLA. Training supports supervisor understanding of FMLA, because it:

  • Points out differences in leave for serious medical reasons, planned and foreseeable occurrences, and military members.
  • Differentiates between FMLA leave and ordinary sick leave.
  • Illustrates how supervisors should respond to requests for intermittent leave.
  • Discusses issues that may arise while an employee is on leave.
  • Defines key terms, such as “serious medical condition” and “continuing treatment”

The updated FMLA course takes an expected 45 minutes to complete; although, there is no time meter. The non-flash photo course utilizes scenarios and realistic storylines to reinforce learning points. Accessible links to Department of Labor resources, and updated assessment questions are included in the new FMLA training course to further encourage cumulative learning. Additionally, the course is updated in Memphis style to be more consistent with all new training modules.



Located in Austin, Texas, Workplace Answers (WPA) is the leading provider of online human resources training solutions in the US. WPA has developed interactive online training resources that are easily deployed, simple to use and highly effective in educating and organization’s workforce, including discrimination prevention training and harassment prevention training. Workplace Answers is the only compliance e-learning company to be featured on INC 500’s list of 5000 growing companies in 2012, 2011 and 2012.

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