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Spinoso Real Estate Group

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“We wanted everyone to have the same basis of understanding when it came to compliance issues, like ethics, conflict resolution and harassment. A consistent and baseline understanding of how we operate and our values was very important to us. And Workplace Answers went above and beyond to make that happen."
- Dora Clark, Senior Advisor, Property Management

Spinoso Real Estate Group offers a wide range of personalized real estate services for its clients that create long-term value. As such, Spinoso approaches every project with an ownership mentality and a high level of principal involvement.

Over the last four years, Spinoso has greatly expanded, and with over 100 employees at various locations across the country, the company realized it was time to invest more heavily in its growing management team.

Workplace Answers partnered with Spinoso to offer personalized performance management and harassment prevention training courses designed to foster a culture of compliance throughout the entire organization.


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