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"I’m very satisfied with the way Workplace Answers tailored the training to us. We partnered with a company that helped us roll out a training with a strong yet personalized message. We wanted it to feel like the training was coming from Moncler and we achieved that with Workplace Answers."
- Adina Cole, Human Resource Manager of Moncler Americas

Moncler is an international luxury fashion brand that produces and distributes its outerwear, clothing and accessories collections worldwide. But while Moncler provides a luxury product, the company culture embraces easy living, quality and comfort.

With rapid growth, came a heightened focus on the success of employee onboarding and development programs, as well as the additional legal provisions the company needed to follow.

Workplace Answers partnered with Moncler to provide harassment prevention training that addresses issues specific to the brand and connects with the learners.


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