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Top Five Critical New Employee Training Topics

Jun 02, 2015

training sessionThere's so much you want new employees to know about your company and their new roles. But sometimes the really important information can get lost amid a hundred tiny details and short term bits of information. And before you know it, they're off doing something dangerous in the warehouse or sharing your company's private data on Facebook. And you're left doing damage control, instead of moving the company forward.

Enter the training plan

Having a training plan for all new staff members is a simple way to make sure nothing critical will be missed. Coming up with a list of 10-15 must-know subject areas will help you organize new employee orientation and training so every staff members gets the same set of basic facts, standards and procedures. Most of the training will be unique to your company, but there are a few basics every business needs to include in their "Welcome to the team" training. 

1) New employee safety training

Safety training is probably the most important topic to include in new hire orientation. Some businesses think that safety training only applies on construction sites or in warehouses. Others assume experienced employees already know workplace safety basics. But both are wrong. 

Each and every work environment has safety issues, from how to lift that box of printer paper in the office to the location of fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency exits in the store. Leaving employee safety training out of the plan puts your employees at risk of injury, and your company at risk of lawsuits and costly Worker's Compensation cases. 

2) Data and customer information security

Electronic record keeping, ordering, sales and data transfer are all wonderful aspects of modern business. But they're not without their risks. Businesses large and small face risks from data breaches, from employees inappropriately sharing company information, and from practices that fail to protect customer information onsite.  Including a "best-practices" data security training segment will increase employee awareness, and will reduce the likelihood of accidental data breach issues. 

3) Harassment and bullying 

The workplace is no different than the playground in some ways. People of all ages form cliques, carry biases and act out in anger. Thankfully, in the workplace we can use anti-harassment training to increase awareness and reduce the incidence of on-the-job harassment and bullying. 

Including harassment and bullying training for all new employees not only raises awareness, it also sends a very clear message that these behaviors will not be accepted in your company. That alone could reduce incidences down the road. 

4) Diversity 

The workforce reflects the incredible diversity of the human family. Unfortunately, some people aren't comfortable with people who look, think, speak or believe differently than they do. Including a diversity and respect training element in your new hire training program is a good opportunity to introduce your newest employees to the proper way to interact with coworkers who may be very different than they are. Do make sure your training content includes issues of gender (including gender identity), age, religion, ethnicity and disability. That comprehensive focus will help your staff work more effectively together, while offering an affirmative defense to lawsuits down the road. 

5) Company goals and values

Employees always perform better when they feel like they're a part of something larger than just their specific job. Offering a complete view of the company goals, mission statement values and role in the market is a wonderful way to let new staffers see where they fit into the bigger picture. 

There are so many things new employees need to know. Just make sure their training provides them with the tools they need to be safe, productive and respectful members of the team. 

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