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The Top Three HR Must-Haves of 2013

Apr 03, 2013

The Top Three HR Must-Haves for 2013

Every new year creates a new set of challenges and best practices in the HR world; however, the heart of good HR practice exists in proper training. Harassment training, discrimination training and wage and hour training are the three HR must haves of 2013, because the laws regarding these crucial subject matter areas have undergone many changes in the last year.

Failure to comply with the updated regulations of harassment law, discrimination law, and wage and hour law can result in an HR nightmare for organizations due to employee-related liability. Preventing such an HR meltdown begins with understanding the new laws and providing the necessary harassment training, discrimination training and wage & hour training to ensure all employees and supervisors comply with the new laws.

Must-Have #1: Harassment Training

Harassment laws have expanded with the addition of new protected categories and the creation of new retaliation laws. The additional protected categories and retaliation laws are vast and far-reaching, yet not always intuitive. Up-to-date harassment training provides organizations with an affirmative defense against an HR catastrophe, as it teaches all employees the new laws, and supervisors how to legally comply with the requirements.

Must-Have #2: Discrimination Training

Retaliation laws have expanded over the last year, making supervisor comprehension and compliance a vital component to a thriving, lawsuit free workplace. The array of reasons managers and all supervisory personnel should receive discrimination training are impossible to count. Proper discrimination training that incorporates the new retaliation laws increase an organization’s bottom line, and promotes a healthy work environment through teaching supervisory personnel how to prevent and legally manage complaints of discrimination in 2013.

There’s a lesson here for every company. An anti-discrimination policy by itself simply isn’t sufficient. You must assure your staff understands the law and their responsibility before a problem arises.

Must-Have #3: Wage and Hour Training

A trend in wage and hour class actions is on the rise, as 7,000 wage & hour cases were filed in federal court in 2012 alone. Wage and hour law can vary greatly from state to state, which can make the specific requirements tricky. Proactive wage and hour training initiatives prevent any organization from following the negative trend, and ensure that all employees and supervisors comply with the complex, varying laws. 

Still Curious? We've Got Answers.

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