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The Most Downloaded HR Whitepapers of 2012

By WPA Dec 24, 2012

Top 5 Downloaded HR Compliance Whitepapers of 2012:

The end of the year is the perfect time to evaluate trends in EEOC Enforcement, employment based lawsuits and compliance training in order to predict next year’s HR necessities. The top five downloaded Human Resource Whitepapers of 2012 are telling of future trends, and depict an emphasis on EEO programs, discrimination training, Title IX training and bullying prevention programs.

Harassment & Discrinination Prevention Whitepapers

 1. Title IX: Defined, Refined and Intertwined

This top downloaded Whitepaper for Higher Education HR and Management professionals truly demonstrates the importance of Title IX in 2012, and how crucial Title IX training will continue to be in 2013. It explains how Title IX law has evolved since 1972 and how it has expanded to more than just equality in sports programs to include campus wide sexual harassment prevention, discrimination training programs, and bullying prevention programs.

 2. Ten Steps to Prevent Employment-Based Lawsuits & EEO Claims

This favored Whitepaper explains how an organization can develop an affirmative defense against an employment lawsuit or EEO claim by following ten practical steps. HR professionals possess tools to not only preventive harassment and discrimination but also protect the organization in the event of a claim. This discrimination and harassment prevention whitepaper discusses how to properly apply harassment prevention, discrimination training and EEO programs to prevent a claim from happening in the first place while developing legal protection for your organization in the unfortunate event of an EEO claim or lawsuit. The popularity of this subject matter further demonstrates how crucial EEO programs and discrimination training will be in 2013.

 3. Religion & Politics in the Workplace

This prevailing Whitepaper for HR & Management professionals discusses the difficulties surrounding religion and politics in the workplace. Preventative measures, such as discrimination training and EEO programs, are explained. The popularity of this Whitepaper shows that diversity training along with EEO programs and discrimination training are absolutely necessary in 2013.

 4. Bullying on Campus: It is happening at your school

This popular Whitepaper for education professionals reveals that bullying at higher education campuses is on the rise, and discusses the requirements to prevent this trend under Title IX. Training provided by this whitepaper explains how bullying prevention programs can be incorporated with Title IX training to meet legal requirements and fulfill moral and social responsibility. The popularity of this subject matter emphasizes how important Title IX training will be along with bullying prevention programs in 2013.

 5. Attracting & Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

This frequently downloaded HR Whitepaper supports EEO programs by providing valuable information on how to recruit and retain an equal employment opportunity workplace of diversity. It includes practical suggestions for recruiting a diverse pool of applicants such as; EEO programs and discrimination training, lawful hiring tactics and diversity programs. Encouraging diversity training is explained in full so that employers may learn to benefit from a diverse workplace. The popularity of this subject matter further reiterates how crucial EEO programs with discrimination training will be in 2013.

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