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The Message Behind your Sexual Harassment Policy

By WPA Jan 24, 2013

A Sexual Harassment Policy Isn't Enough:

Every company has an anti-sexual harassment policy, it’s in a manual somewhere and everyone probably read it once. Having one shows you’re committed to a respectful workplace, right? Unfortunately, when you hear from lawyers or investigators who are looking to make headlines and recoveries, or employees who demand respect, you find out “just having the policy” and "just sending your employee to sexual harassment training class" wasn't enough.

Be prepared for the witness stand or the investigator. Get the help you need to avoid a lawsuit nightmare with Workplace Answers' interactive sexual harassment prevention and recognition training.

Imagine yourself unprepared: As a Human Resources professional, you've either lived or dreaded this sexual harassment investigation scenario (or you will one day). You’re the witness. A smart lawyer or investigator is grilling you:

Them: Did you train the employee on sexual harassment prevention?

You: We sent them offsite.

Them: Did they go?

You: Yes, they went to a Sexual Harassment Prevention class.

Them: And they went, and were present the entire time?

You: Yes, they brought back a certificate of completion.

Them: If they were asleep, or texting, or someone else signed them in, would you have known?

You: Well…

Them: Was there a test at the end? Any verification they learned what was inappropriate or sexual harassment?

You: No…

Expect a gift basket from this plaintiff’s lawyer – you made their job easy.

Beyond the Policy: Action

Before it’s too late, validate that dusty old policy with a proactive approach to preventing sexual harassment in your workplace. Why?

1. The EEOC and the courts underscore sexual harassment training as a preventative measure, and a means to limit liability.

2. Complaints, lawsuits, and turnover can occur when employees are not protected.

Your anti-harassment policy is just the first step. Go beyond just “talking the talk” and show staff (and investigators) that you work to:

  • Recognize inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Promote sexual harassment prevention
  • Respond appropriately to complaints
  • Resolve sexual harassment issues

All these steps require sexual harassment training. Staff must know what is improper, how to respond, and how report sexual harassment complaints. Don’t wait for a problem. Prevent harassment with comprehensive online sexual harassment training from Workplace Answers.

Workplace Answers’ Recognizing and Preventing Sexual Harassment modules are an aggressive tool to stop sexual harassment in your company. Your policy may say you’re committed to a harassment-free workplace, but the action behind your message is critical. Sexual harassment training from Workplace Answers confirms it – you’re dedicated to a respectful workplace for all staff. Find out more today.

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