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Harassment & Discrimination

Preventing Discrimination: Policy and Position

Mar 04, 2013

Preventing Discrimination: Your Policy and Your Position

Your policy against discrimination in the workplace is clear: you simply won’t tolerate behaviors that violate employee’s rights. Your policy can’t stand alone. A policy is meaningless if no one understands how it protects them, or how it prohibits unwanted behavior. You must support the words with action. The way to turn your policy into your position: discrimination training.

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Workplace Answers’ training modules help staff understand, identify, and prevent discrimination. Employees will learn you stand behind your policy, and more:

Can’t Show What You Don’t Know

For successful preventing discrimination efforts, you have to recognize it in all its forms – from the blatantly overt to the very subtle. You can’t prevent inappropriate acts and language if you can’t identify them.

Set the Example

You show up late, they show up late. Managers set the tone for their group. Professional, non-discriminatory behavior is the example you can demand from others when you exhibit it yourself.

An Ounce of Prevention      

“Nipping it in the bud” may be a quaint turn of phrase, but it’s critical in preventing discrimination. The sooner the behavior is stopped, the lower the chance of complaints and lawsuits.

Knowing the Answer

When there’s a discrimination complaint, an untrained manager has a higher chance of compounding the problem. Discrimination training assures you respond quickly and confidently.

Two-Way Street

Earning respect requires you return the favor. Send a powerful message: I respect your right to a workplace free of discrimination.  You’ll earn their respect in return. Make sure staff understands that your policy is only part of a workplace free of discrimination. This is only possible by continually providing employees with proper discrimination training.

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