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NFL Fumble Makes Headlines

Mar 19, 2013

NFL Fumble on Sexual Discrimination: Training Needed

(Denver, CO) NFL recruit Nick Kasa didn’t expect to be in the spotlight for anything other than being drafted this spring. Now he’s trying to downplay his role in shining media attention on coaches in a recent NFL combine.

Kasa claims coaches asked “Do you like girls?” He says almost every coach asked the recruits some form of the question, and the players understood why. The coaches were interested in their sexual orientation. For a sport that’s fraught with scandal, the questioning, unfortunately, isn’t surprising.

But it’s clearly a violation of federal and state law, as well as league policy. The NFL denounced the acts, and management has demanded staff adhere to the rules (and lower their media profile).  Yet these coaches, who know their words and deeds are media fodder, don’t follow the law or their league policy.

Policy Isn’t Sufficient

If these men, with so much - so publicly - to lose, don’t get it, are you confident your staff does? Sports management thought their policy was enough: it wasn’t. Are you certain your policy against discrimination and harassment is enough to guarantee your employees don’t drop the ball?

There’s a lesson here for every company. An anti-discrimination policy by itself simply isn’t sufficient. You must assure your staff understands the law and their responsibility before a problem arises.

You make that assurance by being proactive. Don’t wait for a fumble that exposes your company to claims and potential lawsuits. Training staff to recognize and prevent discrimination in the workforce can stop unwanted behaviors and acts from occurring. Proactive discrimination training can also provide an affirmative defense against accusations and lawsuits. .

The fallout from a discrimination claim at your company may not be as media-worthy as an NFL scandal, but the effects can be just as devastating. Take a lesson from these coaches. Train your staff to prevent discrimination with interactive discrimination and harassment training from Workplace Answers.

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