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Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Mar 01, 2012


Employee Appreciation & Recognition!

Everyone appreciates appreciation and March 2nd is Employee Appreciation Day: a day to recognize hard work and contributions. Although this provides a perfect time to show your employees how much you value their contributions; it is a mistake to wait for a holiday to show good work is appreciated.

Managers and line supervisors should notice and acknowledge performance when it happens. Make sure they do - it’s a great way to keep staff motivated and engaged in your success.  Workplace Answers offers a full suite of web based Performance Management Training & Lawful Hiring Training to educate your workforce on how to attract and retain the best talent.
To get you started, here are some creative ways to show your staff you value their achievements by using both long-term and short-term rewards:

Short-Term Rewards – use generously!

Memos You Want to Read:

Send a staff memo lauding an achievement and cc: their file. Everyone loves a “shout out” and it can inspire a whole team when someone is recognized.

Wall of Fame:

Create a place to post thank you notes or appreciation letters. Add a “brag corner” to your newsletter to showcase extra effort.

Time to Themselves:

Recognize good work with an extra ½ hour at lunch or an hour off to leave early.  “Me time” really motivates – it costs very little, and everyone wants it.


Employee of the month parking spots don’t work for everyone. Offer a “flex-time day” for non-drivers to avoid rush hour train traffic.

Company Awards:

Create a fun company or department trophy to pass around to reward achievement. Award the trophy often to encourage everyone to perform.

Prize Pool:

Do you refuse vendor gifts? Consider accepting them for an employee prize pool. Have managers issue company “bucks” for prize redemption whenever they see excellence. You can also ask employees to bring in “White Elephant” gifts to add to the pool.

Long-Term Rewards – use generously, too!

Special Attention:

Has your team done really well? Offer “face-time” with the boss to talk about what they’ve achieved and how they did it. 

Have a great idea? Set aside time with management to brainstorm ideas that could boost productivity or profit.  

Effective Evaluations:

Keeping your staff on track for success includes recognition at performance evaluations. Make sure your managers evaluate fairly and encourage achievement when they use this valuable tool.  

Invest in Their Future (and yours):

Use well written job descriptions and performance evaluations to plan long- and short-term growth. Outline goals and what’s needed to meet them. 

Training establishes a plan to grow together. To have an employee invested in your company’s future and success, invest in theirs. Everyone wins: their knowledge benefits you both, and investing in their skill set is a powerful motivational tool.

Make sure your managers know the value of recognition by training them to use this critical motivational tool liberally. Recognizing the contribution employees make is key to keeping them engaged in their work, excited about producing and about being part of a winning (read profitable) team. 

We look forward to helping you meet your training needs this year. Use the form to the right to request a demo of any of our compliance training courses.

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