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Harassment & Discrimination

Discrimination and the Courts

Jan 24, 2013

Discrimination and the Courts - A Matter of Faith

Your goal is an environment that thrives from harassment and discrimination prevention. You have the best intentions. But good intentions do not make good defenses unless there truly is "good faith."

When the Courts ruled against the now defunct Circuit City stores, they saw the stores had a wealth of "effort" to maintain a harassment-free workplace: harassment training, policies, complaint hotlines, and fast investigations. On the surface, this is a model for anti-discrimination procedures. But behind the posters and policies, testimony uncovered racist attitudes with regard to promotions, burying internal reports, and retaliation for those who complained. The court held the "good faith" effort for discrimination prevention was questionable and almost irrelevant when considered with the 'bad faith' intentions from upper management.

Discrimination Prevention: Walk the Talk

The Court sent a strong message. Whatever your policies and procedures, (and they should be extensive) it’s the actions of managers that create a harassment-free workplace. One that sets the example, sets the culture, and settles the suits.

This is where harassment training and discrimination prevention training is critical, and where individual training can be essential. The actions and attitudes of managers supply the courts with information on whether your "good faith" efforts to combat discrimination are sincere, or just for show.

View a Sexual Harassment Training Demo Orange ButtonOnline Training can Change Attitudes

Workplace Answers’ online training modules allow your managers to take the time they need to understand the detrimental outcomes of discrimination. Our interactive training helps them learn, rather than be taught, the benefits of a discrimination-free environment.

An investment in time can change attitudes, and put the good faith back in your good intentions. Workplace Answers' online training can help your company walk the talk for a discrimination-free workplace. Contact us today to find out more.


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