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Workplace Bullying

Do You Have Anti-Bullying Programs?

May 22, 2012

Bullying at Work

Student Bullying
Before the introduction of the internet, student bullying was primarily an in-person problem. The student who was being bullied could generally go to their home to seek protection. However, now student bullying follows students right into their own home when they open their computers, check their text messages and log-into their social media accounts and find the bully has sent a mean spirited email and text message and posted a hateful note about the student on his or her "wall."


Bullying Prevention Programs
Though some may say bullying is a recent trend, the reality is that bullying is not a new phenomenon. However, with the increase of popular social media sites, phones with cameras and internet access, bullying has taken a new, and unfortunate, turn. With this new technology, victims of bullying are now bullied not only at school or work, but at their homes as well. A solid bullying prevention program will help make students and employees feel safer.


Anti-Bullying programs are a "must-have" at all schools, but also at all workplaces. Many people don’t realize workplace bullying is a problem in many corporate organizations. Workplace bullying generally manifests as acts or comments that are intended to humiliate, degrade, or intimidate an employee and these acts and comments come from another employee. However, these acts or comments are not always based on a protected class (race, religion, gender, etc) and thus may or may not be considered harassment.

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