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5 Big Benefits of Consistent Training

Jun 19, 2014

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In the real world where time and money is limited, and the list of things that need to be done is overwhelming, it’s often difficult to commit those limited resources to something like training. Training – unless mandated by some regulatory agency – doesn’t scream at us with the same urgency as the things we have to do to keep the lights on. But one of the keys to success in business is the ability to see the big picture, and know when to say “No” to what is urgent so you can say “Yes” to what is more important.

“It’s all about ROI,” says productivity expert Laura Stack in a recent article on TLNT. She reminds us:

“in business, what matters isn’t what you spend now, but how much money you make from it later. You must make a short-term investment for a long-term gain.”

Stack explains 5 evidence-based reasons why training makes sense:

  1. Training improves employee confidence.
  2. Training improves employee performance
  3. Training saves the company money
  4. Training earns the company money
  5. Training increases employee productivity

Leadership needs to start looking at training differently, she argues.

“Rather than view it as a necessary evil, treat it as a positive expense — just as you would any company initiative that promises to increase profits and benefit everyone all the way down the line.”

Read the full article on, and don’t forget to check out our extensive catalog of award-winning online training solutions.

The Big Benefits That Come From Consistent Training | Laura Stack

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