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Stay informed about the latest regulatory rules governing anti-corruption, FCPA compliance, business ethics, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, diversity and more.
Our compliance experts explain how to insulate your company from risk, and transform complex guidelines into understandable advice.

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Workplace Diversity
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Employee Covering — Is It Undermining Diversity in Your ...

By Josh Young Nov 07, 2017

Everyone has blind spots. No matter how objective, thoughtful, or open we believe ourselves to be, there are various unconscious assumptions or oversights that distort our view of the world...

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Harassment & Discrimination
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace—What Is Going On?

By Josh Young Oct 31, 2017

Over the past month, the subject of sexual harassment has become a leading topic of conversation across America.

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Compliance Training
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How CCOs Can Promote a Culture of Compliance in the Work...

By Josh Young Oct 24, 2017

Tone at the top. We've all heard of it by now. (If you haven't, check out this short video to catch up.) And we pretty much universally accept that executive...

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