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Harassment & Discrimination
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EEOC Study: Useful Strategies to Adopt from Higher Educa...

By Sondra Solovay Jul 26, 2016

Last week we started this series of blog posts covering the EEOC’s Study on Harassment in the Workplace, and we talked about the sense of urgency your organization must have...

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Harassment & Discrimination
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3 Critical Messages from the EEOC’s Harassment Study

By Sondra Solovay Jul 21, 2016

It’s been 30 days since the EEOC called for organizations to “reboot” harassment prevention efforts. Have you made headway yet?

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Business Ethics
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The Compliance Risks of Using Social Media for Recruitin...

By Shelley Kilpatrick Jul 19, 2016

Social media is making it easier than ever for job-seekers and hiring managers to connect. These days there is a Facebook group or a Meetup Group for just about every industry.

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