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How it Works

  • Online Compliance training custom-tailored to your organization
  • Simple, flat-rate pricing
  • Multiple versions suitable for different ranks within your organization and appropriate to your industry
  • Deep, engaging content
  • Free annual updates
  • Easy-to-manage, automatic tracking and reporting
  • Interactive Testing: from Self Quizzes to Mastery Tests, every answer option provides informative feedback to continue the learning experience
  • LMS capable -- SCORM and AICC compliant courseware
  • 508 compliant for the visually impaired

Campus Compliance Solutions

Customized training products for the higher education market: compliance, harassment, discrimination

Harassment & Discrimination Prev...

Sexual harassment, unlawful harassment, discrimination, EEO, ADA, ADAAA, protected classes, quid pro quo

Diversity & Inclusion

Creating an inclusive workplace for multiple cultures and backgrounds, the unknown dangers of implicit bias, progressive diversity topics

Workplace Ethics & Financial Law

Intellectual property protection, personal responsibility to follow ethical code, risks of gift giving and receiving in business

Wage & Hour

FLSA, overtime, time card falsification, employee responsibility, wage & hour loss prevention for supervisors

Performance Management & Hiring

Performance evaluations, discipline & discharge, proper hiring practices, guide to interviewing


OSHA right to know, hazard communication, bloodborne pathogens, substance abuse prevention and drug free workplace

Data Security & Privacy

User ID security, password strength, remote access and user authentication, social media and the workplace

Learning Management System (LMS)

SLATE is a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) that gives you easy access to all your course and learner information, w...

All the Training You Need: Convenient, Accessible, and Compliant.

We take the hassle and maintenance out of compliance training. You get what you need - a complete online compliance training solution - personalized to your specific needs and audiences, no hidden fees, no gotchas. Our catalog of online courses covers important topics such as diversity programs, harassment training, discrimination training, sexual harassment training, corporate ethics training and more. 

Thousands of corporations, universities and government agencies across America know that Workplace Answers' best-in-class online sexual harassment training, diversity training, discrimination training, ethics training and other compliance training courses. Our engaging, current content meets your compliance needs, affirms your commitment to preventing workplace harassment and discrimination, encourages workplace diversity and provides an affirmative defense in the event of an EEO or other employment law claim.

Millions of employees nationwide complete our online compliance training courses each year.

Employees learn about harassment training, sexual harassment training, discrimination training, diversity programs, campus compliance and other compliance training topics.

Administrators easily track policy acceptance and training course completion online in real time through our SLATE Learning Management System (LMS). We provide completion rates and verifications, monthly reports, retraining reminders and more.

We’re proud to boast a 90% plus client retention rate.

Why Wait?

Why wait for the courses you need to come to your area or shut down departments as you send your staff off-site for training? Workplace Answers training is online and available whenever your staff is free. Our coursework caters to your timetable, not ours.

Customized Online Training Content for Industry and Educators

Classes are developed to meet all your training needs, appropriate for every level of learning. You can even customize the look and some of the content of a course at no additional charge.

For Industry:  Our courses are industry-verified and continuously updated to keep abreast of the law. Our content is tailored for all levels of learners, from supervisors to line staff.

For Educators:  Courses are available for faculty, students, supervisors and non-supervisory staff, with campus-centric language and scenarios that make them easy to apply to real world situations.

In addition to our core courses focusing on sexual harassment training, discrimination training, diversity programs and ethics training, Workplace Answers also offers many other online training courses on Wage & Hour Law, Performance Management, Safety & Violence Prevention, Data Security & Privacy, Financial Law and more. We can also build a custom course to meet all your compliance and development needs with solutions that fit your budget and your schedule.

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