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Online Harassment Prevention Training

Online Harassment Prevention Training

There are multiple ways to train employees on harassment prevention. Some organizations offer in-house training by an appointed training coordinator and some organizations hire outside companies to train employees in person. Some organizations simply pass around a harassment prevention flyer and call that training- though this will likely end up with unhappy employees. However, the most effective way to train employees on harassment prevention is through online harassment prevention training.


Online harassment prevention training removes any bias a trainer may be conveying to employees- even if that trainer isn't aware he or she is training with bias. With online harassment prevention training, employees are offered the exact same training every time, with no bias. Even if a trainer isn't delivering the training with bias, he or she may accidentally omit an important topic. There is no way to guarantee the employees are receiving exactly the same training when the training is being delivered in-person. There is also no way to guarantee the information that the trainer is giving is correct. With online harassment prevention training the content is developed by human resources experts and updated when laws are created or updated- which happens frequently.


Another benefit of online harassment prevention training is that employers can offer the training to one employee at a time, removing the inconvenience of gathering all employees, or groups of employees, together at one time. The ability to train one person at a time will also make it more likely for an employer to offer the training more frequently- a reminder to employees that the organization aims to be a harassment free workplace.


Online harassment prevention training also allows for an easy record of which employees did what training when. An employee can log-in, enter his or her name and acknowledge that he or she participated in the training, removing the need for paper files and making it easy to track when an employee is due for more training.


Though there are many ways to train employees on harassment prevention, online harassment prevention training is the most thorough, equal, seamless way to train employees when the goal is to provide a harassment free workplace.


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