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They Will Be With Our Online Training Program for New Employees

When new employees start with your company, there are so many things they need to know. We can make your employee onboarding process easier with always-available online employee training modules covering workplace safety, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), wage and hour rules, workplace harassment prevention, information security and more.
Using our comprehensive new employee training program means every new hire gets a complete introduction to critical workplace rules and processes, whether they're in your main office or at a remote location far from company trainers. And the "always available" online location makes it easy to bring every new employee up-to-date without waiting for enough new hires to hold an onboarding class.
  • Reduce HR time spent manually tracking employee training
  • Protect company culture and image with customized training you can be proud of
  • Stay within budget, no gotchas
  • Ensure an affirmative defense to harassment claims
  • Select only the new employee training modules that work for your business
  • Add additional modules like customer service skills, diversity training or workplace ethics to complete your on-demand training program needs


As an HR manager, we know you have 50 other things to do. Onboarding and tracking compliance training for new employees is just one. Our self-administered online training is easy to use and easy to track, making your job simpler and employee ramp-up time shorter.

Engaging Content

Our award-winning, interactive content is engaging, always up-to-date and legally compliant. Games, quizzes, professional video and graphic novellas keep your employees interested and learning.

Flexible Pricing

It can be hard to budget if you have to buy a new training license for every new employee you hire. That’s why Workplace Answers offers flat-rate pricing. You can train multiple employee types for the same price, as well as allow for growth.

Reduces Risk

Training your employees with legally compliant courses allows your organization to qualify for affirmative defense. Whether you’ve had an incident, almost had an incident, or are just looking to protect your organization, our training can help reduce legal risk by two-thirds.

Trusted by over 2000 Clients Nationwide

Workplace Answers provides industry-specific compliance solutions for enterprise, higher education, and government organizations. Human resources leaders and risk mitigation teams trust our award-winning training content, services, and software to develop more engaged workforces and minimize exposure from complex legal requirements. For more than 20 years, Workplace Answers has worked with over 10 million users and thousands of organizations, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, Coach, Whole Foods, American Express, City of San Francisco, Human Rights Campaign and NTT America.

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