New Course Release: US Wage and Hour Redesigned for Supervisors

Posted on 18 February 2013 |

WPA’s Newest Course Helps Supervisors Understand Wage & Hour Law

Austin, Texas – In 2011 alone, the Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division recovered over $130 million in back wages and more than $4 million in civil monetary penalties due to Labor Act Law violations. Enforcement efforts are still on the rise, making it absolutely necessary for organizations to protect themselves by providing wage &hour training to supervisors. Workplace Answers’ latest training course “U.S. Wage & Hour Law for Supervisors” provides an affirmative defense for employers.


Workplace Answer’s redesigned “U.S. Wage & Hour Law for Supervisors” covers key wage and hour topics that can lead to large claims if not properly handled. Federal wage and hour laws are defined by focusing on the top seven high-litigation-risk areas, and are compared to state law requirements. The course provides legal coverage while utilizing sophisticated training features and explaining up-to-date Labor Act Law requirements.


Crucial legal coverage includes:

• Detailed Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

• Explanation of how federal and state laws interact

• Coverage of related laws, including Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA), Davis-Bacon and Related Acts, Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (MSPA), Walsh- Healey Public Contracts Act (PCA)

• Links to items that are legally required to be posted in the workplace, due to Wage & Hour Law.


Wage and hour law isn’t always intuitive. The hour-long, photo course goes into detailed instruction on properly classifying employees and minimum wage requirements, including more complicated areas such as tip-pooling. The importance of proper record-keeping is stressed, and issues such as overtime, off-the-clock, as well as meals and breaks are explained in the refined Wage & Hour Training course.


The Wage & Hour Training course will benefit all US supervisors. Sophisticated features are included to reinforce learner engagement and understanding of Labor Act Law. Interactive story-lines and scenarios depict realistic situations, and make the material relatable to the supervisor. The course may be tailored for any organization; a section designed for a customized organization policy and learner acceptance is included, along with information on how to get additional help.



Workplace Answers is located in Austin, Texas and is the premier provider of online human resource training in the US. The compliance training company has developed learning resources that are easy to use, simple to deploy and extremely effective in educating any organization’s workforce. Workplace Answers is 508 compliant, GSA certified and the only compliance e-learning company features on INC 500’s list of fastest growing companies for three years in a row.


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