Millennials and Sexual Harassment

Posted by Christina Dozier on 5 October 2015 |

Baby boomers. Generation X. Millennials.

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5 Critical Considerations for Preventing Workplace Violence

Posted by Christina Dozier on 8 September 2015 |

The live broadcast of two workplace-related murders in Virginia last month brought the dangers of volatile employees into clear and horrifying focus.

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"But It Was Just A Joke!" When Humor Turns Mean at Work

Posted by Amie Coleman on 24 August 2015 |

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"But it was just a joke!"

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5 Signs Your Employees are Ready to Quit

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 14 July 2015 |

man writing resume

It used to be obvious. The new suit worn to work. Someone running to the copy machine to grab that resume they just printed. The hushed phone calls. 

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Does Your HR Department Know About That?

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 16 June 2015 |

stressed man

It happens in almost every company, large and small. There are the rules in the employee handbook. And then there are the rules everyone uses day to day to operate the business. Unfortunately. the two are often very different. 

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What to Do When Your Employee Training Budget Shrinks

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 11 June 2015 |


It never ends, does it? Those endless rounds of budget cuts. And employee training seems to always be in the cross-hairs. 

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Three Important Pieces of the Workplace Harassment Puzzle

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 9 June 2015 |

puzzle pieces

Quick. Define workplace harassment. Done?  Would it surprise you to know that almost everyone reading this post would have a different definition of harassment?

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Top Five Critical New Employee Training Topics

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 2 June 2015 |

training session

There's so much you want new employees to know about your company and their new roles. But sometimes the really important information can get lost amid a hundred tiny details and short term bits of information.

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Heading Off Conflict at Work: What New Supervisors Need to Know

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 28 May 2015 |

angry man

With a promotion to the role of supervisor, comes many things: a larger paycheck, usually a shift from hourly to salaried wages, and more management responsibilty. Most people understand those changes. But what new supervisors are often not prepared to handle is conflict.

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The Remote Employee Training Challenge

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 26 May 2015 |

work from home

In today's increasingly decentralized workforce, the old concept of employees filing into a training room has become increasingly out of step with reality. Today's employees are as likely to be on the other side of the globe, or working anything but standard 9-5 hours, as they are to be in...

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