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Campus SaVE Act: Consensus Reached

Posted by Liz Williams on 4 April 2014 |

Screenshot 032514 095451 AM
Negotiated Rulemaking on the Campus SaVE Act has completed its sixth and final day with a consensus agreement. There will be a 45 day Public Comment Period.

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The Organizational Challenge of Workplace Bullying

Posted by Theresa Morgan on 26 March 2014 |

Screenshot 032514 011120 PM
Bullying can happen to anyone in any workplace regardless of rank or income-level but is more prevalent in particular professions such as education and healthcare.

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Understanding the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act)

Posted on 3 March 2014 |

campus shot for blog
After the brutal rape and murder of Jeanne Clery in 1986, it became resoundingly clear that something must be done about college campus safety. Clery’s death was the result of insufficient dorm security, namely three locked doors being propped open for the other residents’ convenience.

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Facebook Adds 50 New Gender Options

Posted by Liz Williams on 14 February 2014 |

facebook gender options
Facebook has added 50 new gender options, including trans, trans female and trans male.

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7 Views of Social Media in the Workplace

Posted by Liz Williams on 5 February 2014 |

Medium blog social
There's buzz about the next generation being the "Google Generation" but the current workforce is just as involved in social media. Employees regularly check their Facebook during work hours and connect with co-workers during off-hours. Job seekers are more likely to be found perusing Twitter than traditional web listings, just as...

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New HR Webinar: 5 Must-Have Training Courses for 2014

Posted by Liz Williams on 28 January 2014 |

lynn headshot
We're proud to announce the beginning of our 2014 webinar series at Workplace Answers. Each month we'll be hosting HR and Subject Matter Experts in discussing important HR issues.

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The Campus SaVE Act: Targeting Sexual Violence

Posted by Riia O'Donnell on 28 October 2013 |

emergency post on campus 2
Join Our November 7th Webinar on The Campus SaVE ActAdministrators and educators need to be updated on the compliance ramifications of the Act, and who better than the man who helped develop the legislation? Workplace Answers is hosting S.

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Maximize Your Diversity Training! A Guide for Small and Mid-Size Organizations

Posted on 30 September 2013 |

diversity training for small businesses
Training on topics like diversity, harassment, and discrimination can provide big benefits in the workplace. Large organizations roll out custom plans, messaging, and training initiatives perfectly matched to their corporate cultures. This multi-touch approach is highly effective in creating a positive workplace.

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Diversity Training Brings Unexpected Results

Posted on 26 September 2013 |

ethnicityworkplacediversitytraining 2
A new study in the Journal of Organizational Behavior took a look at what the relationships are between diversity training, ethnic discrimination, and employee satisfaction in the workplace. It had some unexpected findings on how effective diversity training is within an organization.

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Workplace Safety Webinar Announcement

Posted by Adam Langley on 26 June 2013 |

workplace safety
With the addition of Online Safety Training to our robust product catalog, Workplace Answers is going to focus our blog for the month of July on the important subject of Workplace Safety and our new online safety classes.

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