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What is Ethics in the Workplace?

Posted by Riia O'Donnell on 26 June 2014 |

Ethics in the Workplace
The question comes before us as employees and as leaders: what is ethics in the workplace?

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5 Big Benefits of Consistent Training

Posted by Adam Langley on 19 June 2014 |

training roi
In the real world where time and money is limited, and the list of things that need to be done is overwhelming, it’s often difficult to commit those limited resources to something like training. Training – unless mandated by some regulatory agency – doesn’t scream at us with the same...

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Reporting Child Abuse: Everyone's Responsibility

Posted by Riia O'Donnell on 10 June 2014 |

Screenshot 060914 121002 PM
As horror story after horror story about the abuse of children comes to light, state after state, and even the federal government, is responding with legislation for schools and for the private sector to protect children.  While the morality of mandatory reporting to protect is clear, state and federal statutes...

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Fighting Implicit Bias Through Inclusion

Posted by Riia O'Donnell on 27 May 2014 |

Screenshot 052714 110400 AM
When a team works together it works well. When employees work against each other, mistrust or carry bias, they struggle to reach a shared goal of success. The key to having a workforce that pulls together as a team is inclusion.

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Not Alone: Addressing the Issue of Sexual Violence on Campus

Posted by Riia O'Donnell on 9 May 2014 |

NotAlone.gov Campus Sexual Assault
The White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault (the Task Force), formed in January 2014, has issued its first report on the widespread problem of sexual assault against women on campus in America.

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5 High-Impact Steps Schools Can Take to Stop Sexual Violence

Posted by Sara Jennings on 1 May 2014 |

white house not alone title ix vawa students
Student-led activist groups have been a powerful force in the recent movement against sexual violence. With a stunning ability to mobilize and effectively use social media, they have brought this troubling issue into the White House and onto the national stage.

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Campus SaVE Act: Consensus Reached

Posted by Liz Williams on 4 April 2014 |

Screenshot 032514 095451 AM
Negotiated Rulemaking on the Campus SaVE Act has completed its sixth and final day with a consensus agreement. There will be a 45 day Public Comment Period.

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The Organizational Challenge of Workplace Bullying

Posted by Theresa Morgan on 26 March 2014 |

Screenshot 032514 011120 PM
Bullying can happen to anyone in any workplace regardless of rank or income-level but is more prevalent in particular professions such as education and healthcare.

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Understanding the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act)

Posted on 3 March 2014 |

campus shot for blog
After the brutal rape and murder of Jeanne Clery in 1986, it became resoundingly clear that something must be done about college campus safety. Clery’s death was the result of insufficient dorm security, namely three locked doors being propped open for the other residents’ convenience.

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Facebook Adds 50 New Gender Options

Posted by Liz Williams on 14 February 2014 |

facebook gender options
Facebook has added 50 new gender options, including trans, trans female and trans male.

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