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Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Training

Sexual Harassment Training Builds a Better WorkplaceOne of the most common employee complaints, sexual harassment is problematic for supervisors and managers, and a liability for the business....

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Harassment Prevention Training for a Better WorkplaceHarassment causes organizations to lose good employees every year, and online harassment training builds awareness and reduces workplace claims. Harassment Prevention...

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Discrimination Training is More Important than EverLast year, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination charges were the highest ever since the Agency’s founding nearly 50 years ago....

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The ADA Amendments Act modified the ADA in 2009, expanding the group of people who will be covered and putting more emphasis on employers’ behavior when cases...

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The protected categories are the foundation of employment law. Federal and state legislatures have determined that individuals in these categories should be given special protection. This course is...

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The Retaliation Awareness and Avoidance course is to be used as a refresher for those who have taken Unlawful Harassment Prevention or Sexual Harassment Prevention and are...

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Harassment & Discrimination Training: More Important Than Ever

Harassment training, sexual harassment prevention training and discrimination training are the cornerstones of any compliance training program. Workplace Answers offers a full suite of harassment training and discrimination training that not only helps reduce the occurrence of harassment and discrimination in the workplace, but can also reduce your organization’s liability in the event of an EEO claim or employment-based lawsuit. 

Skipping Discrimination Training Can Cost You

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Department of Labor (DOL) have greatly increased enforcement of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws in the last few years. In fact, 2011 saw the highest number of charges by the EEOC since the Agency’s founding in 1965 – nearly 100,000 charges with an average settlement in excess of $460,000. Implementing EEO training can prevent costly and unnecessary claims from affecting your business. 

Better Harassment and Discrimination Training That’s Easier To Implement

No other company can match the quality, depth of content, variety and ease of use that Workplace Answers’ harassment and discrimination training delivers. Our interactive, online discrimination and harassment training solutions can be launched organization-wide in as little as 10 days. Better still, they do NOT require any complicated integration or assistance from your company’s IT department.

Our courseware can be personalized to match the values of your organization and our subject matter experts ensure that all content stays up to date. All of our harassment training and discrimination training courses come with our SLATE LMS (Learning Management System), which allows you to add or remove learners, track training completion, and record policy acceptance in real time with the click of a button.

Sexual Harassment Training Suite

Focuses on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace with courses designed for different levels within your organization and versions that meet state-specific sexual harassment training requirements for California, Maine and Connecticut.

Unlawful Harassment Training Suite

Unlawful harassment training focuses on preventing all types of unlawful harassment in the workplace by going beyond sexual harassment to cover important harassment topics such as protected categories, retaliation prevention and more. We offer multiple versions tailored for specific audiences within your organization.

Discrimination Training Suite

Discrimination training covers important EEO training topics such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, age discrimination, weight discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, race/nationality discrimination, Family Medical Leave Act, retaliation prevention, terms of employment and much more. We offer multiple versions tailored for specific audiences within your organization as well as refresher courses that dive deeper into EEO training subjects such as: protected categories training, Americans with Disabilities Act training (ADA/ADAAA), performance management training or lawful hiring training. Enrolling your employees in an EEO class can help prevent unnecessary and costly claims by providing training on a multitude of different discrimination topics, thereby helping your company to run smoothly and efficiently. 

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