Organizations that support ethics initiatives consistently show more productivity and employee retention than organizations that consider corporate ethics merely an issue of compliance. Workplace Answers' Ethics in the Workplace course helps employees confront real-life workplace behavior and familiarizes them with Code of Conduct and ethics policies. It's training designed to help employees understand their personal obligations and the consequences of violations.

The Value of Ethics in Business

An ethical corporation is not an oxymoron: in fact it can be very successful. A company that conducts business in an ethical manner engenders respect from within the company and from outside. Employee retention is high at companies that promote ethical behaviors. Consumers demonstrate brand loyalty to companies that exhibit a strong sense of corporate responsibility and stewardship.

The need for corporate ethics is strong. In a marketplace of unfair competition, underhanded practices, and consumer distrust, the company that emerges with its integrity intact becomes a preferred consumer choice.

Ethics from the Top Down

The challenge for corporations is to translate their mission statement into an everyday model employees can use from the boardroom to the front line. That’s where training from Workplace Answers can help. Our ethics training classes bridge the gap between mission statement and corporate practice.

Our interactive, engaging online ethics training is designed to help employees understand their critical role in maintaining company principles. Real-world scenarios challenge the learner to examine common behaviors and practices, and forecast unfortunate consequences. They ask employees to go beyond compliance, to look at the larger issues, while still keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Preparing for any Problem

Ethics training prepares employees to respond appropriately when questionable issues cross their path. Workplace Answers modules cover a variety of scenarios: 

  • Supplier relations
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Recognizing and preventing money laundering
  • International trade control and financial transactions
  • Improper payments and gifts
  • Complying with competition laws
  • How and when to report concerns regarding business conduct

An ethical company is only as strong as its weakest employee. Assure your staff understands and applies your ethics policies with preventative ethics training from Workplace Answers.

  • Teaches employees to recognize and respond to a broad range of ethical situations
  • Explains when and how employees should seek guidance
  • Specific ethics-related resources and reporting methods
  • Integrity in supplier relationships
  • Addresses conflicts of interest
  • Introduces insider trading laws and penalties
  • Compliance with consumer privacy and data protection laws
  • Learning and following laws that govern international trade controls and financial transactions
  • Recognizing and avoiding improper payments
  • Identifying and complying with competition laws

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