In a world with rapidly changing demographics and a more diverse workforce than ever, organizations need to understand diversity issues and their impact on products, services and staffing. This diversity training course discusses the business benefits of diversity in the workplace with guidelines on interacting with different personalities and cultures, and teaches employees to approach diverse people with inclusion and respect. Our diversity training is also available in specifically designed versions for Government Employees and Nonprofit Organizations.

Keeping Pace with a Diverse Workforce & Market

It’s the new business imperative: keep pace with an ever-changing demographic of staff and customers. The global economy demands a global workforce. While you may have a diverse workforce, are you meeting their needs and benefiting from their experience? Common issues that lead organizations to develop diversity programs include:

  • Managing and benefiting from a diverse workforce
  • Positioning your product or service to a diverse consumer base
  • Developing and promoting a positive corporate identity

Diversity Training: Beyond Tolerance

Cultural diversity training from Workplace Answers helps you address these challenges and more. Our diversity programs go beyond your obligation under the law and illustrate how to benefit from a diverse workforce. Cultural diversity training shows companies how to develop and promote an atmosphere of inclusion and respect that leads to high morale and productivity, a positive corporate identity and more.

What’s Covered in the Diversity Benefits Course?

Our modules cover a broad range of concepts to address the issues that face a diverse workforce:

  • Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity: What are your responsibilities under the law?
  • Understanding and managing implicit and explicit biases: How uncovering hidden biases opens the door for inclusion
  • Acceptance versus Assimilation: Move past requiring others to conform; learn how to go from tolerating to accepting and embracing diversity
  • Beyond the Law: As you promote diversity in your workforce, go beyond what the law requires, and create a culture of inclusion
  • The importance of a positive cultural identity: How your corporate identity translates to productivity and success

Diversity: Beyond Just Getting Along

After completing Workplace Answers’ diversity training, your staff and supervisors will be ready for any changes the marketplace has to offer. They’ll have the tools they need to understand how to benefit from and embrace diversity in the workplace.

  • Teaches employees the importance of embracing diversity in the workplace
  • Explains the difference between tolerance and acceptance
  • Empowers employees to learn their own biases and incorporate diversity principles in their workday
  • The importance of Positive Cultural Identity
  • Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Diversity
  • Acceptance vs. Assimilation
  • Understanding Biases: their influence, importance of awareness, how they are acquired, and how to manage them
  • Covers advanced concepts such as intersectionality – where multiple dimensions of diversity exist simultaneously
  • Defines categories protected by law, as well as emerging and beneficial categories
  • Explains when anti-discrimination laws come into play
  • Teaches what implicit bias is and how to avoid it

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