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Why Diversity Training Programs Matter

Organizations that embrace workplace diversity training and actively promote effective diversity courses have a distinct competitive advantage because they are able to:

  • Fully utilize the strength of the varied backgrounds and composition of their workplaces for teamwork, productivity and fresh ideas
  • Increase their bottom line by attracting customers, clients, applicants, and vendors that see themselves reflected in the organization and choose to do business with or work at the organization
  • Ensure that diverse candidates, once hired, will want to stay with the organization
  • Help employees feel valued and believe they have genuine opportunities for advancement

Workplace diversity training programs are the best way to ensure all employees understand how they can foster and benefit from a diverse workforce. And the diversity training helps to reinforce the information learned through harassment and discrimination prevention training.

Why Choose Workplace Answers’ Online Diversity & Inclusion Training?

Thousands of organizations rely on Workplace Answers because our training:

  • Offers new and up-to-date information
  • Is developed by in-house compliance experts
  • Engages learners with videos, games and quizzes
  • Includes realistic scenarios and real-world dilemmas
  • Tracks and monitors progress and completion rates
  • Makes courses available for learners all over the world
  • Allows learners to access the training when they want
  • Is available in numerous languages
  • Has 508 compliant options

Schedule a demo today to learn how our training course will help your organization promote a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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