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Our flexible subscription pricing model enables you to train all levels of staff, both supervisory and non-supervisory employees, for a flat rate.

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Our Instructional Design method focuses on making training interactive for today's adult learner through serious games, interactive flash modules and questions throughout the course. And, we offer you the ability to include a message and logo to reflect your unique corporate environment.

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Your Account Manager is your single point of-contact for all matters concerning your training. You can count on us to deliver the best service in the industry, 15 years running.

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Diversity Training Programs Matter

Organizations that embrace workplace diversity training and actively promote effective diversity courses have a distinct competitive advantage because they are able to:

  • Attract and retain top talent.
  • Fully utilize the strength of the varied backgrounds and composition of their workplaces for teamwork, productivity and fresh ideas.
  • Increase their bottom line by attracting customers, clients, applicants, and vendors that see themselves reflected in the organization and choose to do business with or work at the organization.

Attracting a diverse workforce is only the first step; employers must maintain it through diversity courses and programs in order to reap its benefits. Workplace diversity training programs are the best way to ensure all employees understand how they can foster and benefit from a diverse workforce.

Workplace Diversity Training Courses Pay For Themselves by Reducing Turnover

Unless an organization creates a climate that welcomes and is hospitable to those who are in some way different from the majority group, costly turnovers will continue as new talent leaves. Cultural diversity training programs ensure that diverse candidates, once hired, will want to stay with the organization.

Diversity programs must be organization-wide or the organization as a whole will not benefit. Buy-in from all levels is critical for maintaining diversity. When an organization invests in its employees, they are more inclined to feel valued and believe they have genuine opportunities for advancement.


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