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Discrimination Prevention

Discrimination Prevention

Every organization must make discrimination prevention a priority for both employees and managers. Make sure your organization has a discrimination prevention plan that includes:


  • A thorough discrimination prevention training program, delivered from an outside vendor that each employee experiences at least twice a year.
  • Separate management training on the same discrimination prevention policy, with extended training on proper hiring, promotion, evaluation and disciplinary actions and how to manage employees who have claimed discrimination.
  • Signs and posters throughout shared office spaces detailing what protected classes are covered federally and in your state.
  • An employee handbook that is signed by each employee, with a discrimination prevention policy that states exact behaviors that are prohibited in the workplace and a path for employees to follow if they feel they have been discriminated against.
  • A verbal reinforcement of the organization’s discrimination prevention policy by management on a regular basis (at staff meetings, daily huddles, one-on-one evaluations, etc).

The above elements reinforce in writing, verbally and via an outside vendor the organization’s discrimination prevention policy. This comprehensive plan makes it very difficult for an employee to claim he or she was unaware of what discrimination is and what actions are and are not allowed in the workplace should your organization come under fire in a discrimination law suit.


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